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Photo of Grubbs, Charles Charles Grubbs   11/26/2014
Photo of Powell, Trent Trent Powell   11/22/2014
Photo of Kellam, Nancy Nancy Kellam   11/20/2014
Photo of Ward, Sr., Charles Charles Ward, Sr.   11/13/2014
Photo of Goffigon, Harold Harold Goffigon   11/12/2014
Photo of Griswold, Marc Marc Griswold   11/10/2014
Photo of Powell, Barbara Barbara Powell   11/09/2014
Photo of Mitchell, William William Mitchell   11/04/2014
Photo of Sayers, Butch Butch Sayers   11/04/2014
Photo of Brown, Sr., John W. John W. Brown, Sr.   11/02/2014
(No Photo Available) Luther Buskey, Jr.   11/01/2014
Photo of Burland, Shirley Shirley Burland   11/01/2014
Photo of Fauber, Dorris Wilson Dorris Wilson Fauber   10/31/2014
(No Photo Available) Edward Weiss   10/31/2014
Photo of McAllen, Larry Larry McAllen   10/30/2014
Photo of Cherrix, Buddy Buddy Cherrix   10/29/2014
Photo of Powell, Bobby Bobby Powell   10/25/2014
Photo of Bradford, Martin Martin Bradford   10/25/2014
Photo of Nottingham, John John "Jack" Nottingham   10/25/2014
Photo of Bell, Jr., William N. William N. "Sonny" Bell, Jr.   10/17/2014
Photo of Furst, Kurt R. Kurt R. Furst   10/15/2014
Photo of Boyer, Dr. A. Stephen Dr. A. Stephen Boyer   10/11/2014
Photo of Lewis, Elizabeth R. Elizabeth R. Lewis   10/09/2014
Photo of Smith, Hattie W. Hattie W. Smith   10/09/2014
Photo of Lewis, III, Walter M. Walter M. Lewis, III   10/08/2014
Photo of Keech, Constance Constance Keech   10/04/2014
Photo of Setaro, Ruby Ruby Setaro   10/02/2014
Photo of Fauber, Ann Ann Fauber   09/28/2014
Photo of Merritt, Keith Keith Merritt   09/28/2014
Photo of Taylor, Turner Turner Taylor   09/14/2014
Photo of Smith, Ann Ann Smith   09/12/2014
Photo of Smith, Allen Allen Smith   09/08/2014
Photo of DeKler, Carol Carol DeKler   09/05/2014
Photo of Goble, Esther Esther Goble   08/29/2014
Photo of Moore, Robert Robert Moore   08/25/2014
Photo of Robins, Vilette T. Vilette T. Robins   08/24/2014
Photo of Parker, Edith Edith Parker   08/21/2014
Photo of Miles, Jr., Charles W. Charles W. Miles, Jr.   08/18/2014
Photo of Berman, Lisa Lisa Berman   08/16/2014
Photo of King, Gary Gary King   08/15/2014
Photo of Simpson, Lucille Lucille Simpson   08/15/2014
Photo of Tomlinson, Dorothy Dorothy Tomlinson   08/08/2014
Photo of Broyles, Rintha Rintha Broyles   08/07/2014
Photo of Moore, Bertha Bertha Moore   08/05/2014
Photo of Mears, Jr., Edward Lee Edward Lee Mears, Jr.   08/05/2014
Photo of Isdell, Larry Larry Isdell   08/04/2014
Photo of Brady, Edward Edward Brady   07/16/2014
Photo of Johnston, Lucille Lucille Johnston   07/15/2014
Photo of Gibbs, Judith Judith Gibbs   07/15/2014
Photo of Ricca, Josephine Josephine Ricca   07/10/2014
Photo of Shield, Virginia Virginia Shield   07/10/2014
Photo of Martin, Emma Emma Martin   07/09/2014
Photo of Jones, Woody Woody Jones   07/04/2014
Photo of Bowden, Patricia Patricia Bowden   07/01/2014
Photo of Pruitt II, Thomas Thomas Pruitt II   06/27/2014
Photo of Mears, Asa Wayne Asa Wayne Mears   06/25/2014
Photo of Moore, III, George Russell George Russell Moore, III   06/23/2014
Photo of Cobb, Sr., Stephen Stephen Cobb, Sr.   06/16/2014
Photo of Mears, Florence Florence Mears   06/14/2014
Photo of Kellam, Amine Amine Kellam   06/14/2014
Photo of Wesch,Sr., Michael Michael Wesch,Sr.   06/11/2014
Photo of Mayhew, Kiernan Kiernan Mayhew   06/09/2014
Photo of Whitman, Luther Luther Whitman   06/08/2014
Photo of Scott, Marybeth Marybeth Scott   06/05/2014
Photo of Killough, Agnes Agnes Killough   06/05/2014
Photo of Spady, Earl Wayne Earl Wayne Spady   05/30/2014
Photo of Selby, Bonny Bonny Selby   05/27/2014
Photo of Heath, Jr., Curtis Curtis Heath, Jr.   05/26/2014
Photo of Parker, Morris Morris Parker   05/26/2014
Photo of Kratochvil, Douglas Douglas Kratochvil   05/25/2014
Photo of Richardson, Harold Harold Richardson   05/25/2014
Photo of Hancock, Jr., Bill Bill Hancock, Jr.   05/22/2014
Photo of Custis, Charlotte Charlotte Custis   05/19/2014
Photo of Ashby, Ruth Ruth Ashby   05/19/2014
Photo of Roper, Glenn Glenn Roper   05/17/2014
Photo of Dunton, Mildred Mildred Dunton   05/12/2014
Photo of Seymour, James James Seymour   05/11/2014
Photo of Bunevich, John John Bunevich   05/09/2014
Photo of Bundick, Emily Emily Bundick   05/07/2014
Photo of Tyndall, LaBelle LaBelle Tyndall   05/04/2014
Photo of Locklear, Delores Delores Locklear   05/03/2014
Photo of Ward, Wesley Wesley Ward   05/03/2014
Photo of Handwerk, Nickolas Nickolas Handwerk   04/30/2014
Photo of Ward, Elizabeth Elizabeth Ward   04/30/2014
Photo of Lewis, Delma Delma Lewis   04/20/2014
Photo of Kelly, Emma Emma Kelly   04/14/2014
Photo of Lamm, ADCS U.S.N. Ret. Ashley Lee ADCS U.S.N. Ret. Ashley Lee Lamm   04/13/2014
Photo of Gaskill, Floyd Floyd Gaskill   04/12/2014
Photo of Young, Anita Anita Young   04/10/2014
Photo of Huffman, Katherine Katherine Huffman   04/04/2014
Photo of Ebersole, Janet Janet Ebersole   03/30/2014
Photo of Lessard, Judy Judy Lessard   03/29/2014
Photo of Bridgewater, Alfred Alfred Bridgewater   03/20/2014
Photo of Vitaliani, Alice Alice Vitaliani   03/16/2014
Photo of Marshall, Edwin Edwin Marshall   03/13/2014
Photo of Bradshaw, Jackie Jackie Bradshaw   03/12/2014
Photo of Landon, Richard Richard Landon   03/11/2014
Photo of Kellam, Belford Belford Kellam   03/10/2014
Photo of Massey, Bill Bill Massey   03/07/2014
Photo of Sturgis, Wayne Wayne Sturgis   02/25/2014
Photo of Belote, Audrey Audrey Belote   02/22/2014
Photo of Hawkins, Alma Alma Hawkins   02/13/2014
Photo of Melson, Rosa Dennis Rosa Dennis Melson   02/05/2014
Photo of Brown, Mary Johns Mary Johns Brown   02/03/2014
Photo of Belote, Mary Elizabeth Morris Mary Elizabeth Morris Belote   01/30/2014
Photo of Lipscomb, W. Craig W. Craig Lipscomb   01/24/2014
Photo of Custis, Claudia Stewart Claudia Stewart Custis   01/23/2014
Photo of Hopkins, Rita Maria Rita Maria Hopkins   01/19/2014
Photo of Slaw III, David Steve David Steve Slaw III   01/18/2014
Photo of Patel, Rajan Rajan Patel   01/16/2014
Photo of Eder, Jr., Edward Earl Edward Earl Eder, Jr.   01/09/2014
Photo of Edgerton, Robert Dale Robert Dale Edgerton   01/08/2014
Photo of Pearson, Georgianna Moore Georgianna Moore Pearson   01/05/2014
(No Photo Available) Raymond Salopek   01/02/2014
Photo of McClaren, Kenneth Eugene Kenneth Eugene McClaren   12/30/2013
Photo of Paranzino, Tabitha Lovell Tabitha Lovell Paranzino   12/27/2013
Photo of Fitchett, Nancy Lee Nancy Lee Fitchett   12/26/2013
Photo of Miningham, Lilly Ann Lilly Ann Miningham   12/26/2013
Photo of McHan, Anthony Scott Anthony Scott McHan   12/17/2013
Photo of LeCato, Louise Powell Louise Powell LeCato   12/17/2013
Photo of Broyles, Jr., Clarence Newton Clarence Newton Broyles, Jr.   12/12/2013
Photo of Casler, Joan Joan Casler   12/09/2013
(No Photo Available) Grace Hewlett Taylor   12/05/2013
Photo of Custis, Jr., Elvin Richard Elvin Richard Custis, Jr.   12/04/2013
Photo of Michael, Bertha Mae Bertha Mae Michael   12/02/2013
Photo of Parks, Frances Christine Frances Christine Parks   11/29/2013
Photo of Armentrout, Florence Marie Florence Marie Armentrout   11/28/2013
Photo of Viohl, Dorothea Culver Dorothea Culver Viohl   11/27/2013
Photo of Barnes, Phillip Eugene Phillip Eugene Barnes   11/26/2013
Photo of Robins, Michael Lee Michael Lee Robins   11/16/2013
Photo of Parks, Donnie Bramble Donnie Bramble Parks   11/16/2013
(No Photo Available) Alvin Dixon   11/15/2013
Photo of Ney, Thelma Matilda Killmon Thelma Matilda Killmon Ney   11/07/2013
Photo of Wood, Elizabeth Richardson Elizabeth Richardson Wood   11/06/2013
Photo of Shields, Nancy Womble Nancy Womble Shields   11/05/2013
Photo of Hayward, Thomas Thomas Hayward   11/04/2013
Photo of Brown, John Russell John Russell Brown   11/02/2013
Photo of Spano, Sr., Paul Joseph Paul Joseph Spano, Sr.   10/28/2013
Photo of Bailey, Margaret and William Margaret and William Bailey   10/25/2013
Photo of Phillips, Vincent Duane Vincent Duane Phillips   10/22/2013
(No Photo Available) Susan Rawls Small   10/18/2013
Photo of Savage, Jean Nauman Jean Nauman Savage   10/17/2013
Photo of Carpenter, Irene Gertrud Irene Gertrud Carpenter   10/15/2013
Photo of Tordo, Joan Marie Joan Marie Tordo   10/14/2013
Photo of Rew, Rubye Knight Rubye Knight Rew   10/13/2013
Photo of Ward, Elmer Kenneth Elmer Kenneth Ward   10/08/2013
Photo of Hargis, Mary Custis Mary Custis Hargis   10/07/2013
Photo of Nicolls, Jr., Willard Reade Willard Reade Nicolls, Jr.   10/02/2013
Photo of Doughty, III, Edward J. Edward J. "Ned" Doughty, III   10/01/2013
Photo of Marshall, Bruce Thomas Bruce Thomas Marshall   09/28/2013
Photo of Ballard, Juanita Mariner Juanita Mariner Ballard   09/27/2013
Photo of Williamson, Barbara Ann Barbara Ann Williamson   09/21/2013
Photo of Stern, Jr., James David James David Stern, Jr.   09/21/2013
Photo of Barrett, Gloria Faye Gloria Faye Barrett   09/16/2013
Photo of Savage, Robin Lynnette Robin Lynnette Savage   09/14/2013
Photo of Citro, Ruth Wells Ruth Wells Citro   09/14/2013
Photo of Hummell, Irma Genevieve Irma Genevieve Hummell   09/13/2013
Photo of Williams, Melinda Sue Melinda Sue Williams   09/13/2013
Photo of Colburn, Sr., Quinton D. Quinton D. Colburn, Sr.   09/12/2013
Photo of Jester, Robert L. Robert L. "Rawhide" Jester   09/11/2013
Photo of Clark, Frances Steelman Frances Steelman Clark   09/10/2013
Photo of Albright, William Carl William Carl Albright   09/07/2013
Photo of Colonna, Mabel Blackwell Mabel Blackwell Colonna   08/31/2013
Photo of Stevens, Timothy Kevin Timothy Kevin Stevens   08/26/2013
Photo of Garcia-Weeks, Charlene Charlene Garcia-Weeks   08/22/2013
Photo of Abbott, Jr., Bertie O. Bertie O. Abbott, Jr.   08/16/2013
Photo of Savage, Malvina Hancock Malvina Hancock Savage   08/14/2013
Photo of West, Johnnie Blaine Johnnie Blaine West   08/13/2013
Photo of Booker, Thomas W. Thomas W. Booker   08/08/2013
(No Photo Available) Dolores Pfund   08/08/2013
Photo of Drummond, III, Lynwood LeCato Lynwood LeCato Drummond, III   08/05/2013
Photo of Lucier, Michael F. Michael F. Lucier   07/30/2013
Photo of Bonniwell, Connie Duer Connie Duer Bonniwell   07/27/2013
Photo of Croom, Mary Elizabeth Byrd Ames Mary Elizabeth Byrd Ames Croom   07/26/2013
Photo of Tilghman, Emma Marion Emma Marion Tilghman   07/24/2013
Photo of Foltz, Gillian Mary Gillian Mary Foltz   07/23/2013
Photo of Taylor, Gloria M. Gloria M. Taylor   07/17/2013
Photo of Lucey, Florence T. Florence T. Lucey   07/09/2013
(No Photo Available) Ruth B. Beasley   07/04/2013
Photo of Coffin, Camryn Reese Camryn Reese Coffin   06/22/2013
Photo of Lewis, Jr., Seymour Blair Seymour Blair Lewis, Jr.   06/20/2013
Photo of Renner, Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth Renner   06/17/2013
Photo of Bradford, Verna Simpson Verna Simpson Bradford   06/08/2013
Photo of Doughty, Gerald Richard Gerald Richard Doughty   06/08/2013
Photo of Louthian, Nina Lee Nina Lee Louthian   06/05/2013
Photo of Burton, Jr., S. James S. James Burton, Jr.   06/04/2013
Photo of Sexauer, Lisa Smith Lisa Smith Sexauer   06/03/2013
Photo of Brown, Mellie Cottle Mellie Cottle Brown   05/31/2013
(No Photo Available) Kathryn M. Caffrey   05/30/2013
Photo of Bierwirth, Dorothy Dorothy Bierwirth   05/14/2013
(No Photo Available) Joseph C. Conti   05/10/2013
Photo of Somers, Jason V. Jason V. Somers   04/29/2013
Photo of Driggs, Jr., Maury T. Maury T. Driggs, Jr.   04/28/2013
Photo of Beyersdorfer, Jr., Edward W. Edward W. Beyersdorfer, Jr.   04/24/2013
Photo of Alson, Phyllis Bell Phyllis Bell Alson   04/22/2013
Photo of Dix, Irma Custis Irma Custis Dix   04/21/2013
Photo of Lambert, Wayne Edwin Wayne Edwin Lambert   04/18/2013
Photo of Voyles, Louise Louise Voyles   04/17/2013
Photo of Walizer, Jr., Lester W. Lester W. Walizer, Jr.   04/13/2013
Photo of Tosi, Charles Charles Tosi   04/12/2013
Photo of Dunton, William Patrick William Patrick Dunton   04/11/2013
(No Photo Available) Infant Victor M. Garced III   04/11/2013
Photo of Booker, Carl Thomas Carl Thomas Booker   04/09/2013
Photo of Trew, Gary Richard Gary Richard Trew   04/07/2013
Photo of Huber, Anna Anna Huber   04/05/2013
Photo of Morris, III, Frank Frederick Frank Frederick Morris, III   04/04/2013
Photo of Elliott, Bryan Keith Bryan Keith Elliott   03/31/2013
Photo of Walker, Helen B. Helen B. Walker   03/26/2013
Photo of Richardson , Edward Wilton Edward Wilton Richardson   03/25/2013
Photo of Broderick, Charles Grant Charles Grant Broderick   03/19/2013
(No Photo Available) Emily Walter Eichelberger   03/19/2013
Photo of Plummer, Evelyn Gaskins Evelyn Gaskins Plummer   03/12/2013
Photo of Marsh, Jane Byrd Jane Byrd Marsh   03/07/2013
Photo of Dunton, Bertha Mae Bertha Mae Dunton   03/05/2013
Photo of Kellam, Catherine L. Catherine L. Kellam   03/05/2013
Photo of Doughty, Doris Polliard Doris Polliard Doughty   02/28/2013
(No Photo Available) Infant James Craig Parks, Jr.   02/28/2013
Photo of Guy, Lorraine Best Lorraine Best Guy   02/27/2013
Photo of Bundick, Louise Atkinson Louise Atkinson Bundick   02/27/2013
Photo of Kropfeld, Suzanne Velsor Suzanne Velsor Kropfeld   02/26/2013
Photo of Houston, Beverly Joan Beverly Joan Houston   02/25/2013
(No Photo Available) Tilly James Turner   02/24/2013
Photo of Crockett , Mary Belle Mary Belle Crockett   02/24/2013
Photo of Ward , Marion Bradshaw Marion Bradshaw Ward   02/23/2013
Photo of Zeltwanger, Jr., Gilbert C. Gilbert C. "Gil" Zeltwanger, Jr.   02/21/2013
Photo of Costin, Phyllis Jean Phyllis Jean Costin   02/18/2013
Photo of Brimer, Florence Young Florence Young Brimer   02/14/2013
(No Photo Available) William Henry Wilkins   02/12/2013
Photo of Ramer, Donald Forrest Donald Forrest Ramer   02/09/2013
Photo of Bell, Patricia Maria Patricia Maria Bell   02/09/2013
Photo of Spady, Jeanette Fitchett Jeanette Fitchett Spady   02/01/2013
Photo of Baines, Mary F. Mary F. Baines   01/30/2013
Photo of Floyd, Jr., H. Allen H. Allen Floyd, Jr.   01/26/2013
Photo of Wulff, Hans Jorgen Hans Jorgen Wulff   01/25/2013
Photo of Thornes, Jr., Dennis Franklin Dennis Franklin Thornes, Jr.   01/17/2013
Photo of Stevens, Conway Conway Stevens   01/16/2013
Photo of Savage, Helena Beyersdorfer Helena Beyersdorfer Savage   01/14/2013
Photo of Goswellen, Maurice James Maurice James Goswellen   01/07/2013
Photo of Wray, Billy C. Billy C. Wray   01/05/2013
Photo of Wise, Nora Fowlkes Nora Fowlkes Wise   01/04/2013
Photo of Parker, Virginia Brady Virginia Brady Parker   01/03/2013
Photo of Ballard, Elizabeth Bowden Elizabeth Bowden Ballard   01/02/2013
Photo of Parks, Betty Lou Betty Lou Parks   01/02/2013
Photo of Doughty, Catherine Dunton Catherine Dunton Doughty   12/30/2012
Photo of Spencer, Royce Lee Royce Lee Spencer   12/29/2012
Photo of Marsh, Nellie Olivia Lewis Nellie Olivia Lewis Marsh   12/23/2012
(No Photo Available) Richard Gerald Steffey, Sr.   12/23/2012
Photo of Merritt, Sr., Elton Lewis Elton Lewis Merritt, Sr.   12/21/2012
Photo of Dunton, William E. William E. "Jiggs" Dunton   12/20/2012
Carolyn Marie Horsley   12/18/2012
Photo of Kleyla, Lynne Merritt Lynne Merritt Kleyla   12/18/2012
Photo of Guy, Mary Ann Chandler Mary Ann Chandler Guy   12/15/2012
(No Photo Available) Nora Parker Bundick   12/15/2012
Photo of Miller, Geraldine Marie Geraldine Marie Miller   12/13/2012
Photo of Dixon, Roy William Roy William Dixon   12/12/2012
Photo of Bell, Helen Gardner Helen Gardner Bell   12/06/2012
Photo of Brady, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Brady   11/30/2012
Photo of Etz, Frederick P. Frederick P. "Fred" Etz   11/29/2012
Photo of Beall, James M. James M. Beall   11/28/2012
Photo of Hammett, Jerome M. Jerome M. "Jerry" Hammett   11/26/2012
Photo of Eder, Edna May Edna May Eder   11/20/2012
Photo of Aita, Frank Michael Frank Michael Aita   11/17/2012
Photo of Merritt, Jr., Ira Garland Ira Garland Merritt, Jr.   11/13/2012
Photo of Gregory, Levin Melson Levin Melson Gregory   11/12/2012
Photo of Powers, Sylvia Ann Sylvia Ann Powers   11/09/2012
Photo of Thompson, Sr., William Edward William Edward Thompson, Sr.   11/07/2012
Photo of Carvin, Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann Carvin   11/03/2012
Photo of Nottingham, Carlisle Lamar Carlisle Lamar Nottingham   11/01/2012
Barbara Helena Lowe   10/31/2012
(No Photo Available) Infant Leigha Nicole Franklin   10/25/2012
Photo of Riggin, Ross-Eric Markham Ross-Eric Markham Riggin   10/21/2012
Photo of Colonna, Hillary G. Hillary G. Colonna   10/20/2012
Photo of Parker, Creston Eugene Creston Eugene Parker   10/19/2012
Photo of Maher, Carolyn Duer Carolyn Duer Maher   10/18/2012
Photo of Walker, Douglas DeLeon Douglas DeLeon Walker   10/09/2012
Photo of DeCarlo, Sr., David Thomas David Thomas DeCarlo, Sr.   10/04/2012
Photo of Marshall, Daniel Lee Daniel Lee Marshall   09/29/2012
(No Photo Available) Gloria Bell   09/29/2012
Photo of Widgeon, Randy Marshall Randy Marshall Widgeon   09/27/2012
Lillian Bowen Kennedy   09/26/2012
Photo of Rolley, Martha Fisher Martha Fisher Rolley   09/20/2012
Photo of Mears III, Christopher Carlton Christopher Carlton Mears III   09/18/2012
Photo of Kellam, Peggy Mason Peggy Mason Kellam   09/17/2012
Photo of Kellam, Edward Earl Edward Earl Kellam   09/16/2012
Barry T. de Waal   09/07/2012
Photo of Trala, Joan Vincent Joan Vincent Trala   08/28/2012
Photo of Kelley, Sr., Gary H. Gary H. Kelley, Sr.   08/18/2012
Photo of Flood, Michael J. Michael J. Flood   08/15/2012
Photo of Pender, Evelyn McCann Evelyn McCann "Judy" Pender   08/12/2012
Photo of Wallace, Kathryne Drummond Kathryne Drummond Wallace   08/10/2012
Photo of Bois, Robert D. Robert D. Bois   08/06/2012
Photo of Leffler, William Glynn William Glynn Leffler   08/05/2012
Photo of Gennings, Robert Charles Robert Charles Gennings   08/02/2012
Lila Hotalen Schmidt   07/31/2012
Photo of Fraser, James James Fraser   07/26/2012
Photo of Whitfield, Sarah Ann Sarah Ann Whitfield   07/24/2012
Photo of Colonna, Betty Wilson Betty Wilson Colonna   07/24/2012
Photo of Stewart, Harvey Hirst Harvey Hirst Stewart   07/21/2012
(No Photo Available) John Walter Putre   07/20/2012
Photo of Robins, Shirley Hickman Shirley Hickman Robins   07/13/2012
Photo of Wendell, Bernice DeJarnette Bernice DeJarnette Wendell   07/11/2012
Photo of Mears, Lucy Taylor Lucy Taylor Mears   07/10/2012
Photo of Lovell, Josie Doughty Josie Doughty Lovell   07/06/2012
Photo of Ward, Elestine Pruitt Elestine Pruitt Ward   07/04/2012
Photo of West, Charles E. Charles E. West   07/03/2012
Photo of Stevens, Pauline Louise White Pauline Louise White Stevens   07/01/2012
Photo of Brown, Edith M. Edith M. "Liz" Brown   06/29/2012
Photo of Potts, Lois Mae Lois Mae Potts   06/28/2012
Photo of Kubernac, Julie Sandra Julie Sandra Kubernac   06/26/2012
Photo of Taylor, Jr., Robert E. Robert E. Taylor, Jr.   06/24/2012
Photo of Smith, Nannie Ennis Nannie Ennis Smith   06/19/2012
Photo of Wallace, Jeanette Welch Jeanette Welch Wallace   06/17/2012
Photo of Kilborn, Phyllis Hamilton Phyllis Hamilton Kilborn   06/17/2012
Photo of Clarke, Donald L. Donald L. Clarke   06/13/2012
Photo of Parkerson, June Hopkins June Hopkins Parkerson   06/13/2012
Photo of Milbourn Sr., Charles Herbert Charles Herbert Milbourn Sr.   06/12/2012
Photo of Jones, Sallie Gaye Sallie Gaye Jones   06/10/2012
Photo of Lynch, Wilford Arthur Wilford Arthur Lynch   06/08/2012
Photo of Mangum, Amy Kool Amy Kool Mangum   06/05/2012
Photo of Johnston, Sybilla G. M. Sybilla G. M. Johnston   06/04/2012
Photo of Shreaves, Grace B. Grace B. Shreaves   06/04/2012
Photo of Hopkins, Mark Lewis Mark Lewis Hopkins   06/01/2012
Photo of Fought, Sarah Lucille Sarah Lucille Fought   05/25/2012
Photo of Joynes, Thomas Walt Thomas Walt Joynes   05/24/2012
Photo of Kelley, Sr., Gregory N. Gregory N. Kelley, Sr.   05/24/2012
Photo of Brittingham, Betty Louise Betty Louise Brittingham   05/15/2012
Photo of Hales, Helen P. Helen P. Hales   05/11/2012
Photo of Armstrong, Lucille Hayden Lucille Hayden Armstrong   05/08/2012
Photo of Wallace, Lloyd Custis Lloyd Custis Wallace   05/03/2012
Photo of Lamb, Mary Lou Smith Mary Lou Smith Lamb   04/27/2012
Photo of Kisielewicz, Stanley Michael Stanley Michael Kisielewicz   04/26/2012
Rosa Powell Mears   04/18/2012
Photo of Jones, Olivia Hargis Olivia Hargis Jones   04/16/2012
Photo of Soriano, Robert Anthony Robert Anthony Soriano   04/13/2012
Photo of Clark, Kitty East Kitty East Clark   04/12/2012
Photo of Anderson Jr., John Francis John Francis Anderson Jr.   04/05/2012
Photo of Christian, Evelyn Harrison Evelyn Harrison Christian   04/04/2012
Photo of Bonniwell, Elmer Elmer "Bo" Bonniwell   04/02/2012
Photo of Long, Robert T. Robert T. "Bob" Long   03/28/2012
Photo of Eichelberger, Jr., Ben Davis Ben Davis Eichelberger, Jr.   03/26/2012
Photo of Barber, Mary Mears Mary Mears Barber   03/16/2012
Photo of Brown, Dianna Lee Dianna Lee Brown   03/12/2012
Photo of Kellam, Billy Copes Billy Copes Kellam   03/10/2012
Photo of Halbig, Gerda Irene Gerda Irene Halbig   03/05/2012
Photo of Tabor, Timothy Neville Timothy Neville Tabor   03/04/2012
Photo of Herrmann, Frederick William Frederick William Herrmann   03/02/2012
Photo of Ballard, Kathleen Hightower Kathleen Hightower Ballard   02/27/2012
Photo of Kaczorowski, Mary Moore Mary Moore Kaczorowski   02/26/2012
Photo of Jones Jr., Carl James Carl James Jones Jr.   02/26/2012
Photo of Miller, Hazel Hawse Hazel Hawse Miller   02/24/2012
Photo of Floyd, Irma O. Irma O. Floyd   02/22/2012
Photo of Kubler, Rene Joseph Rene Joseph Kubler   02/22/2012
Photo of Bayly, James Ashby James Ashby Bayly   02/22/2012
Photo of McConnell, Robert Joseph Robert Joseph McConnell   02/21/2012
Photo of Brady, John Edward John Edward Brady   02/21/2012
Photo of Bell, Linda Lee Linda Lee Bell   02/21/2012
Photo of McCoy, Judi Judi McCoy   02/18/2012
Photo of Downing, Sharon Lee Smith Sharon Lee Smith Downing   02/15/2012
Photo of Sembler, Ronald King Ronald King Sembler   02/15/2012
Photo of Thomas, Ida Juanita Ida Juanita Thomas   02/14/2012
Photo of Hume, Rebecca Ann Rebecca Ann Hume   02/13/2012
Photo of Timmons, Rev. Louis Alvin Rev. Louis Alvin Timmons   02/10/2012
(No Photo Available) John Edward Burland   02/07/2012
Photo of Levesque, Dorothy Murray Dorothy Murray Levesque   02/04/2012
Photo of Reese, William John William John Reese   02/03/2012
Photo of Spence, Mila Dean Mila Dean Spence   02/01/2012
Photo of Marshall, Orma Jean Orma Jean Marshall   01/30/2012
Photo of Munn, Bruce S. Bruce S. Munn   01/25/2012
Photo of Clemente, Iris Anne Higbee Iris Anne Higbee Clemente   01/25/2012
Photo of Campbell, Sue Hickman Sue Hickman Campbell   01/14/2012
Photo of Hancock, Cordelia Massey Cordelia Massey Hancock   01/08/2012
Photo of Lyon, Allan Joseph Allan Joseph "Bud" Lyon   01/07/2012
Photo of Scudder, June Stanton June Stanton Scudder   01/07/2012
Photo of Swope, Ruth C. Ruth C. Swope   01/06/2012
Photo of Shreeves, Wilson Nottingham Wilson Nottingham Shreeves   01/03/2012
Photo of Simeroth, Ola Fay Pugh Ola Fay Pugh Simeroth   12/31/2011
Photo of Gardner, Alice Werner Alice Werner Gardner   12/30/2011
Photo of Ward, Myrtle Melson Myrtle Melson Ward   12/29/2011
Photo of Hargis, Claribel Kelly Claribel Kelly Hargis   12/28/2011
Photo of Hall, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Hall   12/28/2011
Photo of Costin, Kathryn Lee Kathryn Lee Costin   12/27/2011
Photo of Horsley, Chalmers B. Chalmers B. "Butch" Horsley   12/27/2011
Photo of Sorensen, Ida Chandler Ida Chandler Sorensen   12/21/2011
Photo of Campbell, Margaret Custis Margaret Custis Campbell   12/19/2011
Photo of West, John Howard John Howard West   12/19/2011
Photo of Devletian, M. Ann M. Ann Devletian   12/12/2011
Photo of Belote, Catherine Guy Catherine Guy Belote   12/09/2011
(No Photo Available) Helen H. Wilkins   12/09/2011
Photo of Bailey, Emmett H. Emmett H. Bailey   12/04/2011
Photo of Rew, Earl C. Earl C."Buddy" Rew   11/30/2011
Judith N. Davis   11/26/2011
Photo of Wankerl, Nicole Nicole Wankerl   11/24/2011
Photo of Wood, III, Ernest T. Ernest T. Wood, III   11/23/2011
Photo of Edgerton, Jeanette Bonniville Jeanette Bonniville Edgerton   11/17/2011
Photo of Killmon Jr., F. Burleigh F. Burleigh Killmon Jr.   11/13/2011
Elsie Moore   11/13/2011
Donnie W. Barnes   11/11/2011
Photo of Jernigan, Dewitt C. Dewitt C. Jernigan   11/09/2011
Photo of Jackson, Sr., Thomas Lee Thomas Lee Jackson, Sr.   11/07/2011
Miriam Massey Jones   11/07/2011
Photo of Hickman, Margaret Ewell Margaret Ewell Hickman   11/07/2011
Photo of Zablocki, Robert F. Robert F. Zablocki   11/05/2011
Photo of Frost, Ellyn Downing Ellyn Downing Frost   11/04/2011
Photo of Raby Jr., Albert Albert Raby Jr.   10/27/2011
Photo of Gillen, Carol Ann Mott Carol Ann Mott Gillen   10/22/2011
Photo of Hall, Richard Lee Richard Lee Hall   10/22/2011
Charles Stanley Lazicki, III   10/17/2011
Photo of Belote, Billy Lee Billy Lee Belote   10/17/2011
Photo of Reidel, J. Fred J. Fred Reidel   10/13/2011
Photo of Killmon, Jr., Harry L. Harry L. "Buddy" Killmon, Jr.   10/09/2011
Photo of Bradford, Jr., Marvin Sidney Marvin Sidney Bradford, Jr.   10/08/2011
Photo of Riggin, Alice Bossé Alice Bossé Riggin   10/06/2011
Photo of Turner, Cecile Mears Cecile Mears Turner   10/01/2011
Photo of Gosline, Marion L. Marion L. Gosline   09/30/2011
Photo of Ingram, Donald Aden Donald Aden Ingram   09/27/2011
Photo of Brady, Brenda Carpenter Brenda Carpenter Brady   09/26/2011
Photo of Onori, Sr., Louis M. Louis M. Onori, Sr.   09/25/2011
Photo of Ashby, Jr., Thomas Pettit Thomas Pettit Ashby, Jr.   09/25/2011
Photo of DeWitt, Sabra Leigh Omwake Sabra Leigh Omwake DeWitt   09/24/2011
Photo of Duer, Ceré Michelle Ceré Michelle Duer   09/20/2011
Photo of Brittingham Jr., Albert J. Albert J. Brittingham Jr.   09/20/2011
Photo of Barton, Richard Kramer Richard Kramer Barton   09/18/2011
Photo of Sullivan, Margaret Engle Margaret Engle Sullivan   09/14/2011
Photo of Evans, Marie Marie Evans   09/09/2011
Photo of Horton, James Douglas James Douglas Horton   09/08/2011
Neenah Adele Kromer   09/07/2011
Photo of Liden, Anna Ingeborg Anna Ingeborg Liden   09/05/2011
Photo of Horner, Ione Townsend Ione Townsend Horner   09/03/2011
Photo of Scudder, William Lincoln William Lincoln Scudder   09/03/2011
Patricia Fullmer   08/26/2011
Photo of Vass, Margaret Mears Margaret Mears Vass   08/18/2011
Photo of Shannon, Frank Leroy Frank Leroy Shannon   08/18/2011
Phillip A. Ennis   08/15/2011
Emmett Sanford, Jr.   08/13/2011
Photo of Harrison, Joseph N. Joseph N. Harrison   08/10/2011
Photo of Thibodeaux, Ida Guidry Ida Guidry Thibodeaux   08/10/2011
Photo of Wagner, Margaret Danser Margaret Danser Wagner   08/08/2011
Photo of Carpenter, Robert L. Robert L. Carpenter   08/05/2011
Photo of Ashby, Mabel Bryan Mabel Bryan Ashby   08/05/2011
Photo of Simpson, John Milton John Milton "Sonny" Simpson   08/03/2011
David Allen "Dave" Berg   08/02/2011
Photo of Hargis, Paul Kelly Paul Kelly Hargis   08/01/2011
Photo of Alaniz, Cecilio Cecilio "Cecil" P. Alaniz   08/01/2011
Photo of Davis, Leah Anne Leah Anne Davis   07/31/2011
Steven Paul Burgess   07/16/2011
Photo of McNeal, Jr., Oliver Eugene Oliver Eugene McNeal, Jr.   07/14/2011
Photo of Parker, Catherine Jenkins Catherine Jenkins Parker   07/12/2011
Photo of Crockett, Fred Wolf Fred Wolf Crockett   07/11/2011
Doris Mears Hofmaster   07/04/2011
Photo of Ashby, Mary Burton Mary Burton Ashby   07/03/2011
William Joseph Thorpe   06/30/2011
James John Fluharty   06/23/2011
Albert Lee Sykes   06/21/2011
Photo of Downing Sr., Parkes A. Parkes A. Downing Sr.   06/17/2011
Photo of Campbell, Robert Coy Robert Coy Campbell   06/14/2011
Photo of Lampman Sr., Edwin Douglas Edwin Douglas Lampman Sr.   06/09/2011
Photo of Barnes, Preston F. Preston F. Barnes   05/31/2011
Photo of Hartman Jr., Jerry F. Jerry F. Hartman Jr.   05/29/2011
Photo of Parks, Anna Mae Anna Mae Parks   05/24/2011
Photo of Robbins, Betty B. Betty B. Robbins   05/24/2011
Photo of Voyles, Virginia Lee Virginia Lee Voyles   05/22/2011
Photo of Davis, Diane M. Diane M. Davis   05/22/2011
Myrtle Hammell Wilson   05/21/2011
Robert Vincent Franco   05/16/2011
Photo of Payne, Mea Corbin Mea Corbin Payne   05/13/2011
Photo of Tomalonis, Frances Colonna Frances Colonna Tomalonis   05/11/2011
Photo of Ingram, Lorraine J. Lorraine J. Ingram   05/10/2011
Photo of Imperatore, Anne Anne Imperatore   05/10/2011
Louie C. Storck   05/04/2011
Photo of Atkinson, Elvira H. Elvira H. Atkinson   04/30/2011
Photo of Drummond, Dorothy Wilkins Dorothy Wilkins Drummond   04/29/2011
Photo of Mitchell, Jean Kelley Jean Kelley Mitchell   04/23/2011
Photo of Mears, Kellie Elizabeth Kellie Elizabeth Mears   04/20/2011
Allen Derrick Ferrell   04/17/2011
Photo of Moore, Theresa Brady Theresa Brady Moore   04/13/2011
Photo of Cosby, Isabelle B. Isabelle B. Cosby   04/13/2011
Photo of Havens, Kay Easling Kay Easling Havens   04/05/2011
Photo of Pelletier, Margaret Barnes Margaret Barnes Pelletier   03/29/2011
John David Christian, Jr.   03/28/2011
Photo of Doughty, Lola Smith Lola Smith Doughty   03/26/2011
Photo of Cherrix, Ernestine Parker Ernestine Parker Cherrix   03/24/2011
Photo of Abraham, Samuel J. Samuel J. Abraham   03/21/2011
Photo of Keen Jr., James Alfred James Alfred Keen Jr.   03/14/2011
Photo of Bloxom, Deborah Ann Deborah Ann Bloxom   03/10/2011
Photo of Crockett, Lewis Lynwood Lewis Lynwood Crockett   03/05/2011
Photo of Barban, Fern C. Fern C. Barban   03/04/2011
Photo of Breitenbach, Shirley L. Shirley L. Breitenbach   03/01/2011
Photo of Parks, Stephen L. Stephen L. Parks   02/26/2011
Photo of Edwards, Marianna E. J. Gregory Marianna E. J. Gregory Edwards   02/25/2011
Photo of Turner, Norval R. Norval R. Turner   02/25/2011
Photo of Ulrich, Margaret Ann Margaret Ann Ulrich   02/25/2011
Photo of Harper, Hazel Cooke Hazel Cooke Harper   02/22/2011
Photo of Mumford Jr., Vaughn W. Vaughn W. Mumford Jr.   02/22/2011
Photo of Passaglia, Dr. Lelio Narcisco Dr. Lelio Narcisco Passaglia   02/21/2011
Photo of Hubbard, Alvin Louis Alvin Louis Hubbard   02/19/2011
Photo of Atkinson Sr., Nathaniel Nathaniel "Nat" Atkinson Sr.   02/17/2011
Photo of Wessells Jr., Sherman Sherman Wessells Jr.   02/13/2011
Photo of Reno Jr., David Lee David Lee Reno Jr.   02/13/2011
Photo of Hall, Catherine Mapp Catherine Mapp Hall   02/09/2011
Photo of Mapp, Robert Cabell Robert Cabell Mapp   02/08/2011
Photo of Bedsworth Sr., Edmund M. Edmund M. Bedsworth Sr.   02/05/2011
Photo of Miles, Jerry F. Jerry F. Miles   02/05/2011
Bonnie Fay Davenport   01/29/2011
Photo of Norman, Vada Lou Vada Lou Norman   01/28/2011
Photo of West, Kathryn Stevens Kathryn Stevens West   01/14/2011
Photo of Wheatley, James Richard James Richard Wheatley   01/11/2011
Photo of Taylor, Iris W. Guy Iris W. Guy Taylor   01/10/2011
Photo of Carpenter, William Francis William Francis "Billy" Carpenter   01/10/2011
Irene Sparrow Hendrie   01/05/2011
Photo of Tyndall, Samuel William Samuel William Tyndall   01/04/2011
Photo of Craft Jr., William William "Tom" Craft Jr.   01/03/2011
Photo of Ferguson, Virginia R. Virginia R. Ferguson   01/02/2011
Photo of Kerris, Marguerite B. Marguerite B. Kerris   12/27/2010
Ann Ursula Ward   12/26/2010
Photo of East, Margaret Hyslop Mader Margaret Hyslop Mader East   12/26/2010
Photo of Lewis, Elva Browder Elva Browder Lewis   12/25/2010
Photo of Maserka, Mary Lee Mary Lee Maserka   12/24/2010
Photo of Belote, Katheryn Begoin Katheryn Begoin Belote   12/23/2010
Paul F. Belote   12/23/2010
Photo of Grez, Patricia E. Patricia E. Grez   12/18/2010
Photo of Tarr, Evelyn Belote Evelyn Belote Tarr   12/15/2010
Photo of Harrison, Earl James Earl James Harrison   12/12/2010
Photo of Latimer, James Wise James Wise Latimer   12/11/2010
Photo of Custis, Barbara F. Barbara F. Custis   12/06/2010
Photo of Burns, Rev. Ottis P. Rev. Ottis P. Burns   12/01/2010
Photo of Lewis, Phyllis Dix Phyllis Dix Lewis   11/28/2010
Photo of Peppler, Georgie Smullin Georgie Smullin Peppler   11/26/2010
Deborah Roberts Gladstone   11/25/2010
Photo of Drummond Sr., Roy Walter Roy Walter Drummond Sr.   11/23/2010
Frances Isdell Thackeray   11/18/2010
Photo of Craig, Linda Sue Linda Sue Craig   11/18/2010
Photo of Diamond, Joan H. Joan H. Diamond   11/11/2010
Photo of Colonna, Evelyn Killmon Evelyn Killmon Colonna   11/11/2010
Photo of Recker, Mary Williams Mary Williams Recker   11/11/2010
Photo of West, Sr., Terry Terry West, Sr.   11/10/2010
Photo of Downing Jr., Parkes Abbott Parkes Abbott Downing Jr.   11/07/2010
Photo of Drummond, Frankie Dize Frankie Dize Drummond   11/02/2010
Photo of Trower, III, Preston Preston Trower, III   10/30/2010
Stephen Webber   10/30/2010
Photo of Duer, J. Grayson J. Grayson Duer   10/28/2010
Photo of Dawson, Walter Harcourt Walter Harcourt Dawson   10/27/2010
Photo of Cukrowski, Marie Luise Marie Luise Cukrowski   10/27/2010
Photo of Bull, Margaret Ann Boggs Margaret Ann Boggs Bull   10/18/2010
Photo of Ross, D.L. D.L. Ross   10/10/2010
Photo of Lawson, Florence Moore Florence Moore Lawson   10/09/2010
Photo of Shreeves, Louise Louise Shreeves   10/09/2010
Photo of Fitzgerald, Martha Mister Martha Mister Fitzgerald   10/07/2010
Photo of Stevens, Lynwood F. Lynwood F. Stevens   10/06/2010
Photo of Ulrich, Norma Powell Norma Powell Ulrich   10/03/2010
Photo of Parks, Jr., William F. William F. Parks, Jr.   10/02/2010
Photo of Guy, Stewart Campbell Stewart Campbell Guy   09/30/2010
Photo of Poulson, Herman Tyson Herman Tyson Poulson   09/11/2010
Photo of Fluhart, Larry F. Larry F. Fluhart   09/11/2010
Photo of Beyersdorfer, Helen Kachur Helen Kachur Beyersdorfer   09/05/2010
Photo of Hayes, Lee G. Lee G. Hayes   09/03/2010
Photo of Moore Jr., George Russell George Russell Moore Jr.   08/30/2010
Photo of Silvia, Edward David Edward David Silvia   08/28/2010
Photo of Walker, Sarah Gorman Sarah Gorman Walker   08/25/2010
Photo of Johnson, Lewis Clyde Lewis Clyde Johnson   08/24/2010
Photo of Gray, Thomas L. Thomas L. Gray   08/22/2010
Photo of Browne, William H. William H. Browne   08/06/2010
Photo of Parkerson, Dean Lee Dean Lee Parkerson   08/04/2010
Marcella Jean Margetich   07/30/2010
Photo of Madron, Debbie Clark Debbie Clark Madron   07/30/2010
Photo of Hall, Ralph M. Ralph M. Hall   07/29/2010
Photo of Ward, Elmer R. Elmer R. Ward   07/26/2010
Photo of Bell, Stella Fitchett Stella Fitchett Bell   07/23/2010
Photo of Williams, Edward Dewey Edward Dewey Williams   07/21/2010
Photo of Payne, John Edward John Edward Payne   07/21/2010
Photo of Hopkins, Cynthia Kay F. Cynthia Kay F. Hopkins   07/21/2010
Photo of Bailey Jr., Herman Herman Bailey Jr.   07/15/2010
Photo of Raby, Judith M. Judith M. "Judy" Raby   07/14/2010
Photo of Webb, Annie M. Annie M. Webb   07/12/2010
Bernetta Evans Ward   07/10/2010
Photo of Creato, David Curtis David Curtis Creato   07/05/2010
Photo of Thomas, Steve L. Steve L. Thomas   07/05/2010
Photo of Kaczorowski, Walter James Walter James Kaczorowski   07/02/2010
Photo of Connor, Thomas Thomas Connor   06/29/2010
Photo of Bradford, Wilson Powell Wilson Powell Bradford   06/29/2010
Photo of Corbin, Helen Parker Helen Parker Corbin   06/25/2010
Photo of Sparrow, Sr., Robertson L. Robertson L. "Bobby" Sparrow, Sr.   06/25/2010
Photo of Bishop, Patricia Callahan Patricia Callahan Bishop   06/24/2010
Photo of Parker III, Roy Eugene Roy Eugene Parker III   06/16/2010
Photo of Lewis, Jr., Cecil Theodore Cecil Theodore Lewis, Jr.   06/03/2010
Photo of Bell, Jean Bulman Ashby Jean Bulman Ashby Bell   05/30/2010
Photo of Davis, Ann Melson Ann Melson Davis   05/23/2010
Photo of Lewis, Page Williams Page Williams Lewis   05/19/2010
Photo of Gibbs, Cecil H. Cecil H. Gibbs   05/17/2010
Photo of Doughty, Morris G. Morris G. Doughty   05/15/2010
Photo of Collins, W. Byron W. Byron Collins   05/09/2010
Photo of Drewer, Joan Jester Joan Jester Drewer   05/07/2010
Photo of Downing Sr., Francis Custis Francis Custis Downing Sr.   05/04/2010
(No Photo Available) Beverly Ann Albright   05/02/2010
Photo of Kilmon, Gerald William Gerald William Kilmon   05/02/2010
Photo of Blood, Mary Rose Liguori Mary Rose Liguori Blood   04/24/2010
Photo of Tyndall, Dorothy Tatum Dorothy Tatum Tyndall   04/19/2010
Photo of Bundick, Brooks M. Brooks M. Bundick   04/16/2010
Photo of Elliott Sr. (View Video Tribut, Stephen Trader Stephen Trader Elliott Sr. (View Video Tribut   04/14/2010
Photo of Kellam, Madge Walker Madge Walker Kellam   04/14/2010
Photo of Garland Thomas Boole "Capt. Tom"   04/12/2010
Photo of Coughlin, David Richard David Richard Coughlin   04/11/2010
Photo of Davis, Preston Preston "Pete" Davis   04/08/2010
Photo of Mears, Margaret Savage Margaret Savage Mears   04/02/2010
Photo of Hart, Marie C. Marie C. Hart   04/02/2010
Photo of Mihalyka, Jean Merritt Jean Merritt Mihalyka   03/25/2010
Photo of Poulson, Myrene Bradshaw Myrene Bradshaw Poulson   03/13/2010
Photo of Tillette Jr., John J. John J. Tillette Jr.   02/28/2010
Photo of Smith, Ann Sturgis Ann Sturgis Smith   02/23/2010
Photo of Thorne, Helen Riggin Helen Riggin Thorne   02/21/2010
Photo of Childress, Hubert L. Hubert L. Childress   02/20/2010
Photo of Brady (View Video Tribute), Michael Howard Michael Howard Brady (View Video Tribute)   02/19/2010
Violet Marie Reynolds   02/19/2010
Photo of Waterfield, Jr., Roland Leland Roland Leland Waterfield, Jr.   02/16/2010
Photo of Ashby, Rebecca Bundick Rebecca Bundick Ashby   02/09/2010
Photo of Trower, Ida Lee Ida Lee Trower   02/07/2010
Photo of Carroll, Sara Hackney Sara Hackney Carroll   02/04/2010
Photo of Gladden, Nadine Nadine Gladden   02/04/2010
Photo of Burghart, Philip Ard Philip Ard Burghart   01/29/2010
Photo of Crockett (View Video Tribute), Susie Elizabeth Susie Elizabeth Crockett (View Video Tribute)   01/27/2010
Photo of Mears, Ruby Voyles Ruby Voyles Mears   01/26/2010
Photo of Bolton, Roger Almon Roger Almon Bolton   01/17/2010
Photo of Robins, Jr., Chester D. Chester D. "Nelson" Robins, Jr.   01/13/2010
Photo of Davis, William C. William C. Davis   01/12/2010
Photo of Davis, Robert E. Robert E. Davis   01/07/2010
Photo of Patterson, III, James March James March Patterson, III   01/02/2010
Photo of Heaster, Lorene Turner Lorene Turner Heaster   12/29/2009
Photo of Moore (View Video Tribute), Ellen Lewis Ellen Lewis Moore (View Video Tribute)   12/27/2009
Photo of Gillen, Roger S. Roger S. Gillen   12/26/2009
Mary Blanche Hyslop   12/19/2009
Photo of Alvarado, Infant Alexis Charlene Infant Alexis Charlene Alvarado   12/18/2009
Photo of Martin (View Video Tribute), Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann Martin (View Video Tribute)   12/17/2009
Photo of Dunton, Henry S. Henry S. Dunton   12/17/2009
Photo of McIlvee, Ilse Dilling Ilse Dilling McIlvee   12/15/2009
Photo of Dennis, John H. John H."Jack" Dennis   12/14/2009
Photo of Bew, Betty Jean Betty Jean Bew   12/13/2009
Photo of Briden (View Video Tribute), William Alden William Alden Briden (View Video Tribute)   12/10/2009
Photo of Hinman, Rev. Lindy P. Rev. Lindy P. Hinman   12/05/2009
Caroline R. Delohery   12/03/2009
Photo of Ames, Ruth Warren Ruth Warren Ames   12/02/2009
Photo of Brown, Ann Currie Ann Currie Brown   11/30/2009
Dr. James Hunter Ferguson   11/25/2009
Photo of Selby (View Video Tribute), Richard Wayne Richard Wayne Selby (View Video Tribute)   11/24/2009
Photo of Svaty, Ellen M. Ellen M. Svaty   11/20/2009
Photo of Bundick (View Video Tribute), Herman L. Herman L. Bundick (View Video Tribute)   11/18/2009
Photo of Lafferty (View Video Tribute), Edward Lee Edward Lee Lafferty (View Video Tribute)   11/16/2009
Photo of Walls, Bernice Custis Bernice Custis Walls   11/14/2009
Photo of Salenski Jr., Frederick T. Frederick T. Salenski Jr.   11/08/2009
Photo of Rudy, Victoria C. Elsner Victoria C. Elsner Rudy   11/06/2009
Virginia A. Truitt   11/06/2009
Photo of Clark, Priscilla Olivia Priscilla Olivia Clark   11/04/2009
Edmund F. Chew Jr.   11/04/2009
Photo of Hutchinson, Louise Mulligan Louise Mulligan Hutchinson   10/29/2009
Photo of Wells (View Video Tribute), Wyvetta Craun Wyvetta Craun Wells (View Video Tribute)   10/27/2009
Photo of Fluhart, Val Val Fluhart   10/26/2009
Photo of Costin, Barbara Outten Barbara Outten Costin   10/22/2009
Photo of Gale, Sally Jane Sally Jane Gale   10/22/2009
Photo of Wells (View Video Tribute), Robert W. Robert W. Wells (View Video Tribute)   10/19/2009
Photo of Whiteside (View Video Tribute), Joshua Todd Joshua Todd Whiteside (View Video Tribute)   10/18/2009
Photo of Lafferty (View Video Tribute), Elizabeth H. Elizabeth H. Lafferty (View Video Tribute)   10/15/2009
Photo of Bitterman, Beth Powell Beth Powell Bitterman   10/14/2009
Photo of Koury Jr., Albert J. Albert J. Koury Jr.   10/09/2009
Photo of Tarr, Robert L. Robert L. Tarr   10/08/2009
Photo of Rodriguez, Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann Rodriguez   10/05/2009
Photo of Deal, Dorothy Dorothy Deal   10/02/2009
Photo of Fluhart, Pauline Kellam Pauline Kellam Fluhart   09/27/2009
Photo of Mears (View Video Tribute), Gay Walker Gay Walker Mears (View Video Tribute)   09/26/2009
Percy S. Moore   09/17/2009
Photo of Gregory (View Video Tribute), Gene F. Gene F. Gregory (View Video Tribute)   09/15/2009
Photo of Hall (View Video Tribute), Charlotte E. Charlotte E. Hall (View Video Tribute)   09/12/2009
Photo of DeBoodt (View Video Tribute), Julius A. Julius A. DeBoodt (View Video Tribute)   09/10/2009
Photo of Read (View Video Tribute), Lucille Powers Lucille Powers Read (View Video Tribute)   09/09/2009
Photo of Barfield, David Lester David Lester Barfield   09/06/2009
Photo of Buchanan, Jane Adams Jane Adams Buchanan   09/05/2009
Photo of Hall, James Thomas James Thomas Hall   09/01/2009
Photo of Bell Jr. (View Video Tribute), James Nathan James Nathan Bell Jr. (View Video Tribute)   08/27/2009
Photo of Masingill (View Video Tribute), Freddie Mae Freddie Mae Masingill (View Video Tribute)   08/26/2009
John Andrew Faller   08/22/2009
Photo of Mason(View Video Tribute), Albert Brooks Albert Brooks Mason(View Video Tribute)   08/21/2009
Photo of (View Video Tribute), Nina Mae Pusey Nina Mae Pusey (View Video Tribute)   08/11/2009
Cathie Fay Doughty Rhatigan   08/11/2009
Photo of (View Video Tribute), Ethel Robbins Robinson Ethel Robbins Robinson (View Video Tribute)   08/07/2009
Photo of (View Video Tribute), James Monroe Killmon James Monroe Killmon (View Video Tribute)   08/03/2009
Photo of Colonna, Donovan Rudolph Donovan Rudolph Colonna   08/03/2009
Loretta Joyce Morgan   07/27/2009
Photo of Walker, Virginia Knee Virginia Knee Walker   07/27/2009
Photo of Smith (View Video Tribute), Catherine B. Catherine B. Smith (View Video Tribute)   07/25/2009
Photo of Jones, Virginia Fitzgerald Virginia Fitzgerald Jones   07/03/2009
Photo of Grenell, Shirl A. Shirl A. Grenell   07/03/2009
Richard Lee Johnson Sr.   06/30/2009
Photo of Terry, Nat W. Nat W. Terry   06/24/2009
James "JT" Marshall Jr.   06/21/2009
Photo of Nottingham, Nathaniel D. Nathaniel D. Nottingham   06/17/2009
Gladys Liebeck   06/14/2009
Photo of Lawson, Jeter Guy Jeter Guy Lawson   06/10/2009
Photo of Belote Jr., C. Lewis C. Lewis Belote Jr.   06/06/2009
Photo of Gillett, Shirley Shirley Gillett   06/05/2009
Helen P. Watkinson   06/02/2009
Photo of Haynie, Howard R. Howard R. "Ray" Haynie   06/01/2009
Photo of Bundick, Clarence Lee Clarence Lee Bundick   05/31/2009
Photo of Klipper, Lewis W. Lewis W. Klipper   05/27/2009
Robert R. Smith   05/27/2009
Photo of Phillips, H. Hatton H. Hatton Phillips   05/19/2009
Photo of Stevens, Addie V. Addie V. Stevens   05/18/2009
Photo of Mullaly, Ethel Downing Ethel Downing Mullaly   05/15/2009
Photo of Kellam, Louzetta Kilmon Louzetta Kilmon Kellam   05/13/2009
Photo of Collins, Charlotte McAllister Charlotte McAllister Collins   05/11/2009
Photo of Burns, Robert W. Robert W. Burns   05/07/2009
Photo of Gummeson, James Peter James Peter Gummeson   05/04/2009
Photo of Brown, Gilmer A. Gilmer A. Brown   05/03/2009
Photo of Ames, Phillip Warren Phillip Warren Ames   04/28/2009
Photo of Hawker, Katherine Farmer Katherine Farmer Hawker   04/27/2009
Photo of Charnock, Charles Burton Charles Burton Charnock   04/22/2009
Photo of Drewer Sr., John E. John E. "Jack" Drewer Sr.   04/18/2009
Charles Epting   04/16/2009
Photo of Baylis, Donald Richard Donald Richard Baylis   04/15/2009
Photo of Evans, Richard Lee Richard Lee "Jim" Evans   04/09/2009
Photo of Bell, Laverne Snider Laverne Snider Bell   04/08/2009
Photo of Ward, Doris Ames Doris Ames Ward   04/05/2009
Photo of Eleanor Marie "Ellie" Abaray   04/04/2009
Photo of East, Sidney John Sidney John East   04/03/2009
Photo of Atkinson Jr., J. Glen J. Glen Atkinson Jr.   04/03/2009
Photo of Lambertson, Samuel E. Samuel E. Lambertson   04/02/2009
Photo of Smith, David Lee David Lee Smith   03/29/2009
Photo of Chesser, Marion Phillips Marion Phillips Chesser   03/28/2009
Photo of Brooks, Iris Bell Iris Bell Brooks   03/17/2009
Photo of Meeker Starr, George Herbert George Herbert Meeker Starr   03/16/2009
Photo of Colonna, Roy Lee Roy Lee "Clark" Colonna   03/14/2009
Photo of Tillette, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Tillette   03/07/2009
Photo of Kellam, Donald Edward Donald Edward Kellam   02/27/2009
Ann Sturgis Smith   02/23/2009
Photo of Lutz Jr., Richard Victor Richard Victor Lutz Jr.   02/22/2009
Photo of Dix, Warren Edward Warren Edward Dix   02/21/2009
Photo of Colonna, Bobby Lee Bobby Lee Colonna   02/20/2009
Photo of Webb, Evelyn Welch Evelyn Welch Webb   02/19/2009
Photo of Terry, Lela Sturgis Lela Sturgis Terry   02/17/2009
Mary Anne Ross Cleaveland   02/17/2009
Photo of Drummond, Gladys Custis Gladys Custis Drummond   02/16/2009
Photo of Kamm, Jan Barbara Jan Barbara Kamm   02/15/2009
Photo of Barrow Sr., Thomas James Thomas James Barrow Sr.   02/13/2009
Photo of Gorman, Rebecca Riley Rebecca Riley Gorman   02/11/2009
Photo of Rock, Nancy Barns Nancy Barns Rock   02/11/2009
Diane Gilley Henry   02/10/2009
Margaret Wright   02/08/2009
Photo of Burgess, Robin Lassiter Robin Lassiter Burgess   02/05/2009
Photo of Heath Sr., Curtis Albert Curtis Albert Heath Sr.   02/03/2009
Photo of Gibbons, Allen M. Allen M. Gibbons   02/02/2009
Photo of Hopkins, James Harper James Harper Hopkins   01/30/2009
Photo of Herrmann, William Charles William Charles Herrmann   01/27/2009
Photo of Reed, Dr. Richard Lee Dr. Richard Lee Reed   01/23/2009
Photo of Justis, Jr., Elwood Thomas Elwood Thomas Justis, Jr.   01/22/2009
Photo of Volz, Joseph Henry Joseph Henry Volz   01/15/2009
Photo of Kellam, Mary Richardson Mary Richardson Kellam   01/15/2009
Photo of Mister, Katherine Williams Katherine Williams Mister   01/15/2009
Photo of Isdell, Pauline J. Pauline J. Isdell   01/14/2009
Photo of Hamblin, Virginia Robinson Virginia Robinson Hamblin   01/09/2009
Photo of Rue, John Wesley John Wesley Rue   01/06/2009
Photo of Dail, Archie Andrew Archie Andrew Dail   01/05/2009
Photo of Sherkey, Mark Ballard Mark Ballard Sherkey   12/21/2008
Photo of Roff, George Francis George Francis Roff   12/20/2008
Photo of Costin, M. Bosco M. Bosco Costin   12/15/2008
Photo of Dryden, Carrie Oakley Carrie Oakley Dryden   12/14/2008
Photo of Beasley, Suzanne Bunting Suzanne Bunting Beasley   12/14/2008
Photo of Roff, Edna Louise Edna Louise Roff   11/30/2008
Marie Rossi Becker   11/29/2008
Photo of Wentworth, Michael S. Michael S. Wentworth   11/28/2008
Virginia Ruth Hawk   11/27/2008
Catherine Mouraux O'Toole   11/20/2008
Dorothy Fowler   11/19/2008
Photo of Hopkins, Cheryl Tapman Cheryl Tapman Hopkins   11/19/2008
Photo of Doughty, Jean Belle Jean Belle Doughty   11/12/2008
Graham Powell Davis   11/08/2008
Photo of Culver, Bertie Drummond Bertie Drummond Culver   11/02/2008
Photo of Parker, Juanita Shelton Juanita Shelton Parker   10/29/2008
Photo of Moyano Hickman, Irene Irene Moyano Hickman   10/26/2008
Photo of Koppenhofer, Albert William Albert William Koppenhofer   10/09/2008
John H. Dennis, III   10/07/2008
Photo of Bott, James Arthur James Arthur Bott   10/06/2008
Janice Viola Wilson   10/05/2008
Grace Mears Hall   10/05/2008
Photo of Alm, Nancy Victoria Nancy Victoria Alm   09/26/2008
Photo of Moore, Sr., Chester E. Chester E. Moore, Sr.   09/22/2008
Photo of LeJeune, Eunice Camden Eunice Camden LeJeune   09/21/2008
Photo of Leahy, Margaret Ann Margaret Ann Leahy   09/19/2008
Photo of Drummond, Mary Frances Mary Frances Drummond   09/18/2008
Photo of Lingo, William Burleigh William Burleigh Lingo   09/17/2008
John Putre   09/17/2008
Photo of Travis, Nina Grace Nina Grace Travis   09/02/2008
Photo of Powell, Spencer M. Spencer M. Powell   08/26/2008
Photo of Steelman, Patricia Ann Patricia Ann Steelman   08/22/2008
Joanne C. Spray   08/21/2008
Photo of Bayly, Maxine M. Maxine M. Bayly   08/16/2008
Elwood Theadore Fox, Jr.   08/16/2008
Photo of Bundick, Edith Edith Bundick   08/14/2008
Photo of Brade, Robert A. Robert A. Brade   08/12/2008
Photo of Pruitt, Louise Ayres Louise Ayres Pruitt   08/11/2008
Photo of Hansen, Rolf Berg Rolf Berg Hansen   08/09/2008
Photo of Dodson, W. H. W. H. Dodson   08/08/2008
Photo of Lewis, A. Morris A. Morris Lewis   08/05/2008
Photo of Joyner, Mavis L. Mavis L. Joyner   08/05/2008
Photo of Guerrero, Oscar Gonzalez Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero   07/24/2008
Photo of Moore, Jean Wyatt Jean Wyatt Moore   07/17/2008
Photo of Brookshier, Richard Edward Richard Edward Brookshier   07/15/2008
Photo of Johnson, James E. James E. "Buddy" Johnson   07/15/2008
Photo of Reynolds, Robert Milton Robert Milton Reynolds   07/11/2008
Photo of Devletian, Arthur C. Arthur C. Devletian   06/30/2008
Photo of Merritt, Marilyn Lilly Marilyn Lilly Merritt   06/29/2008
Photo of Stewart, Audrey M. Audrey M. Stewart   06/22/2008
Photo of Bell, Robert Lee Robert Lee Bell   06/22/2008
Photo of Killmon, Mark V. Mark V. Killmon   06/21/2008
Photo of Wessells, Bertha Mae Bertha Mae Wessells   06/19/2008
Photo of Strock, Teresa Jean Teresa Jean Strock   06/18/2008
Photo of Stevenson, III, O.M. O.M. Stevenson, III   06/17/2008
Photo of Walker, Sue Genene Sue Genene Walker   06/16/2008
Christina D. Baumann   06/13/2008
Photo of Taylor, Robert Bret Robert Bret Taylor   06/13/2008
Photo of Smith, Jacquelyn Annis Jacquelyn Annis Smith   06/10/2008
Photo of Henderson, Annette Annette Henderson   06/07/2008
Photo of Reynolds, Floyd E. Floyd E. Reynolds   06/01/2008
Photo of Parker, Teresa Thornton Teresa Thornton Parker   05/30/2008
Photo of Badger, Philip Philip Badger   05/30/2008
Mildred F. Wiertel   05/28/2008
Photo of Harper, Doris Suits Doris Suits Harper   05/23/2008
Photo of Etheridge, Jr., Charles Russell Charles Russell Etheridge, Jr.   05/17/2008
Photo of Bell, Beverly Beverly Bell   05/16/2008
Photo of Hicks, Wayne K. Wayne K. Hicks   05/15/2008
Photo of Salenski, Joan Marie Joan Marie Salenski   05/02/2008
Photo of Rulison, Marguerite Marguerite Rulison   04/29/2008
Photo of Justis, Gladys Young Gladys Young Justis   04/21/2008
Photo of Etz, Brenda F. Brenda F. Etz   04/20/2008
Photo of Clark, Sr., Warren R. Warren R. Clark, Sr.   04/20/2008
Photo of Mullaly, Franklin Russell Franklin Russell Mullaly   04/18/2008
Photo of Isdell, Margaret Doughty Margaret Doughty Isdell   04/17/2008
Photo of Kiks, Jr., Harry W. Harry W. Kiks, Jr.   04/14/2008
Photo of Colonna, James M. James M. Colonna   04/10/2008
Photo of Hall, George Edward George Edward Hall   04/09/2008
Photo of Singleton, Sharon A. Sharon A. Singleton   04/08/2008
Photo of Adams, Joseph Domenic Joseph Domenic Adams   04/08/2008
Margaret Mears Whiting   04/05/2008
Photo of Gibson, Jane Mihalyka Jane Mihalyka Gibson   04/03/2008
Photo of Doughty, James Tankard James Tankard Doughty   03/26/2008
Photo of Bell, Debra Burns Debra Burns Bell   03/21/2008
Photo of Beckwith, Paul Bruce Paul Bruce Beckwith   03/14/2008
Photo of Klaas, Lucille Franke Lucille Franke Klaas   03/11/2008
Photo of Sturgis, Dorothy Spurley Dorothy Spurley Sturgis   03/10/2008
Photo of Payne, James C. James C. "Jimmy" Payne   03/10/2008
Photo of Taylor, Georgie Mae Georgie Mae Taylor   03/02/2008
Photo of Parks, Annie Laurie Annie Laurie Parks   02/25/2008
Norris Stanley Schenk   02/22/2008
Photo of Buchanan, Jr., Henry Irving Henry Irving Buchanan, Jr.   02/13/2008
Photo of Rouse, Gerald Wayne Gerald Wayne Rouse   02/13/2008
Photo of Bradford, Archie L. Archie L. Bradford   02/12/2008
Photo of Eder, Eugene Eugene Eder   02/07/2008
Billy T. Hastings, Jr.   02/06/2008
Dr. Robert E. Baldwin   02/06/2008
Photo of Courtney, Udella Hopkins Udella Hopkins Courtney   02/04/2008
Photo of Farlow, Elizabeth M. Elizabeth M. Farlow   01/27/2008
Photo of Phillips, Jr., Vance Wilson Vance Wilson Phillips, Jr.   01/23/2008
Photo of Childress, Emily Netherland Emily Netherland Childress   01/23/2008
Photo of Boggs, F. M. F. M. Boggs   01/20/2008
Photo of Parks, Louise Chance Louise Chance Parks   01/18/2008
Photo of Harris, Robert Scott Robert Scott Harris   01/16/2008
Photo of Bell, Surry Elliott Surry Elliott Bell   01/15/2008
Photo of Wilson, LaVerne LaVerne Wilson   01/09/2008
Photo of Bowen, Mary Margaret Mary Margaret Bowen   01/08/2008
Vann Leigh Witcher   01/07/2008
Photo of Johnson, Tracy King Tracy King Johnson   01/05/2008
Photo of Boole, Richard Floyd Richard Floyd Boole   01/01/2008
Photo of Pelham, Harold Richard Harold Richard Pelham   12/31/2007
Rudolph Romaine Powell   12/30/2007
Photo of Belote, Lucy Carpenter Lucy Carpenter Belote   12/23/2007
Photo of Lewis, Kathryn West Kathryn West Lewis   12/23/2007
Photo of Harrison, Jr., Richard William Richard William Harrison, Jr.   12/22/2007
Photo of Belote, Linda Barnes Linda Barnes Belote   12/11/2007
Photo of Stage, Charles Roger Charles Roger Stage   12/11/2007
James E. Meinhardt   12/10/2007
Photo of Marshall, Sandra E. Sandra E. Marshall   12/08/2007
Photo of Bowen, Sadie Phillips Sadie Phillips Bowen   12/08/2007
Evelene Drewer Turner   12/04/2007
Photo of Kellam, Marylu Gould Marylu Gould Kellam   11/28/2007
Photo of Storherr, Robert William Robert William Storherr   11/27/2007
Margaret Whitehead Dunham   11/23/2007
Photo of Firrantello, Marjorie Wilson Marjorie Wilson Firrantello   11/23/2007
Photo of Webb, Monty Allen Monty Allen Webb   11/17/2007
Photo of Wendell, Francis Edward Francis Edward Wendell   11/15/2007
Photo of Huether, Michael Richard Michael Richard Huether   11/15/2007
Lena Townsend Parks   11/13/2007
Photo of Duer, Jr., Francis Chase Francis Chase Duer, Jr.   11/13/2007
John J. Judge   11/11/2007
Photo of Hagar, Martha Martha Hagar   11/10/2007
Viola E. Floyd   10/31/2007
Montez Dean Parker   10/22/2007
Photo of Goswellen, Kay Kay Goswellen   10/22/2007
Photo of Ross, Cherie Ann Cherie Ann Ross   10/19/2007
Photo of Collins, Estelle Hundley Estelle Hundley Collins   10/16/2007
Photo of Onori, Patricia Ann Brandt Patricia Ann Brandt Onori   10/16/2007
Lucie Toehl   10/13/2007
Geneva Pauline Pate   10/08/2007
Photo of Ulrich, Sr., Franklin Henry Franklin Henry Ulrich, Sr.   10/02/2007
Photo of Miles, Alfred Edgar Alfred Edgar Miles   09/30/2007
Photo of Parks, Calvin M. Calvin M. Parks   09/29/2007
Photo of Kirby, Sr., Keith Philip Keith Philip Kirby, Sr.   09/29/2007
Photo of Doughty, Mary Emily Mary Emily Doughty   09/28/2007
Adelia Anne Smith   09/20/2007
Photo of Matthews, Cindy Carpenter Cindy Carpenter Matthews   09/17/2007
Photo of Bell, Margaret T. Margaret T. Bell   09/14/2007
Photo of Marshall, Bryan Keith Bryan Keith Marshall   09/12/2007
Photo of Simpson, Virginia M. Virginia M. Simpson   09/10/2007
Photo of Jenkins, William Norman William Norman Jenkins   09/09/2007
Photo of Kellam, Estella Spence Estella Spence Kellam   09/08/2007
Photo of Reynolds, Eugene A. Eugene A. Reynolds   09/06/2007
Rena De Rocco   09/04/2007
Photo of Clark, Sr., Jim Edward Jim Edward Clark, Sr.   09/03/2007
Photo of Sturgis, Betty Belle Bundick Betty Belle Bundick Sturgis   09/01/2007
Dennis G. Caccioppo   08/29/2007
Photo of Ufkes, Jacquelyn Gales Jacquelyn Gales Ufkes   08/27/2007
Photo of Shreaves, Jr., Alwood Lee Alwood Lee Shreaves, Jr.   08/20/2007
Photo of Clayton, Jr., Samuel Gates Samuel Gates Clayton, Jr.   08/20/2007
Photo of Hopper, J.T. J.T. Hopper   08/16/2007
Photo of Rux, Frederick M. Frederick M. Rux   08/15/2007
Barbara T. Towar   08/08/2007
Photo of Rock, Rita Rena Rita Rena Rock   08/04/2007
Photo of Van Natter, David Wayne David Wayne Van Natter   08/02/2007
Photo of Custis, Louellen Ashby Louellen Ashby Custis   07/31/2007
Photo of Colonna, Albert Albert Colonna   07/29/2007
Photo of Sturgis, Nancy Scott Nancy Scott Sturgis   07/24/2007
Photo of Watkinson, Jean Kellam Jean Kellam Watkinson   07/23/2007
Photo of Richardson, George David George David Richardson   07/22/2007
Anna P. Marshall   07/17/2007
Photo of Brickhouse, Richard T. Richard T. Brickhouse   07/15/2007
Charlye K. Parsons   07/10/2007
Photo of Edwards, Christy Christy Edwards   07/06/2007
Hilda Simpson Tittermary   06/28/2007
Photo of Rhodes, Dorothy Kellam Dorothy Kellam Rhodes   06/28/2007
Photo of Bynum, William Baldwin William Baldwin Bynum   06/26/2007
Photo of Elliott, Debra Hunter Debra Hunter Elliott   06/18/2007
Photo of Thom, Martha Francis Martha Francis Thom   06/18/2007
Photo of Bender, Frances Middleton Frances Middleton Bender   06/15/2007
Photo of Chapman, Robin Scott Lawson Robin Scott Lawson Chapman   06/10/2007
Photo of Caporella, Anthony Frank Anthony Frank Caporella   06/09/2007
Photo of Stewart, Edward V. Edward V. Stewart   06/06/2007
Photo of Latimer, Royce H. Royce H. Latimer   06/06/2007
Photo of Rowe, Jr., George Clarence George Clarence Rowe, Jr.   06/01/2007
Photo of Spady, Danny Kaye Danny Kaye Spady   05/30/2007
Norma L. Handschur   05/29/2007
John Roger Williams   05/24/2007
Ida Hutchinson Mears   05/19/2007
Photo of Bowen, Marion S. Marion S. Bowen   05/12/2007
Photo of Underhill, Michael P. Michael P. Underhill   05/09/2007
Photo of Wilkins, Jr., William F. William F. Wilkins, Jr.   05/04/2007
Photo of Belote, Mary Goffigon Mary Goffigon Belote   05/02/2007
Photo of Custis, Thomas West Thomas West Custis   04/27/2007
Photo of Kellam, Alberta Birch Alberta Birch Kellam   04/24/2007
Photo of Blankenship, Alda B. Alda B. Blankenship   04/18/2007
Photo of Brady, Darlene Parker Darlene Parker Brady   04/18/2007
Photo of White, Sr., Paul A. Paul A. White, Sr.   04/17/2007
Photo of Wallace, Ronnie W. Ronnie W. Wallace   04/15/2007
Alred F. Hudson   04/14/2007
Photo of Bradford, Thelma N. Thelma N. Bradford   04/14/2007
Photo of Killmon, Margaret R. Margaret R. Killmon   04/14/2007
Photo of Tykot, Sarah Joe Sarah Joe Tykot   04/13/2007
Photo of Visotsky, Lawrence Leonard Lawrence Leonard Visotsky   04/12/2007
Photo of McNeal, Loesa Frances Loesa Frances McNeal   04/04/2007
Photo of Wendell, Nancy Eubank Nancy Eubank Wendell   04/03/2007
Photo of Kellam, Joyce Kelley Joyce Kelley Kellam   04/03/2007
Myrtle Thornton Spence   04/01/2007
Photo of Haynie, Margaret Custis Margaret Custis Haynie   03/29/2007
Photo of Sturgis, John Maurice John Maurice Sturgis   03/26/2007
Photo of Rosemary, Mae Evelyn Mae Evelyn Rosemary   03/25/2007
Photo of Arvidson, Victor Victor Arvidson   03/23/2007
Photo of Goodrich, Cynthia Lewis Cynthia Lewis Goodrich   03/17/2007
Photo of Krier, Margaret C. Margaret C. Krier   03/16/2007
Photo of Simpson, Herbert M. Herbert M. Simpson   03/15/2007
Photo of Wilson, Thomas Milton Thomas Milton Wilson   03/04/2007
Infant Abigail Marie Sayers   02/25/2007
Photo of Ponting, Sr., Harry T. Harry T. Ponting, Sr.   02/21/2007
Photo of Brooks, Iris Ann Iris Ann Brooks   02/20/2007
Photo of Schultz, Bernice Fuchs Bernice Fuchs Schultz   02/19/2007
Photo of Hill, Thelma Thelma Hill   02/19/2007
Photo of Smith, Mollie Kay Mollie Kay Smith   02/18/2007
Photo of Navarro, Lawrence James Lawrence James Navarro   02/18/2007
Photo of Vaccaro, Donata Maria Donata Maria Vaccaro   02/12/2007
Photo of Caccioppo, Jr., Leonard A. Leonard A. Caccioppo, Jr.   02/10/2007
Photo of Wilson, Marilee Marilee Wilson   02/09/2007
Photo of Doughty Taylor, Martha Sue Martha Sue Doughty Taylor   02/09/2007
Photo of Brunell, Guy Marshall Guy Marshall Brunell   02/05/2007
Photo of Miles, Edna Margaret Edna Margaret Miles   02/02/2007
Photo of Smith, Carlton Acker Carlton Acker Smith   01/31/2007
Photo of Trapp, USNR, Lt. Cdr. N. Lee Lt. Cdr. N. Lee Trapp, USNR   01/31/2007
Photo of Kellam, Maxine Elliott Maxine Elliott Kellam   01/30/2007
Photo of Travis, Stephen B. Stephen B. Travis   01/29/2007
Photo of Ludwig, Sr., Robert H. Robert H. Ludwig, Sr.   01/27/2007
Photo of Copes, Mary Margaret Mary Margaret Copes   01/25/2007
Photo of Harris, Sr., William Shields William Shields Harris, Sr.   01/24/2007
Photo of Tilghman, Harry A. Harry A. Tilghman   01/23/2007
Photo of Morgan, Wayne Wayne Morgan   01/21/2007
Photo of Atkinson, Jared R. Jared R. Atkinson   01/19/2007
Photo of Bradshaw, Justin Carter Justin Carter Bradshaw   01/19/2007
Photo of Carpenter, Emma Hill Emma Hill Carpenter   01/19/2007
Photo of Lassiter, Gay Parks Gay Parks Lassiter   01/18/2007
Nancy Linwood Moore   01/17/2007
Photo of Foster, Troy Alan Troy Alan Foster   01/13/2007
Photo of Ames, Margaret Margaret Ames   01/11/2007
Photo of Garypie, Florence B. Florence B. Garypie   01/08/2007
Photo of Gunter, Rita Delores Rita Delores Gunter   01/02/2007
Photo of White, Sr., Herbert G. Herbert G. White, Sr.   12/29/2006
Photo of Bradshaw, Dorothy Bull Dorothy Bull Bradshaw   12/25/2006
Photo of Smith, John Hamilton John Hamilton Smith   12/19/2006
Philip Motley   12/19/2006
Photo of Stauffer, Michael Jeffery Michael Jeffery Stauffer   12/16/2006
Photo of Carpenter, Annabel Widgeon Annabel Widgeon Carpenter   12/13/2006
Photo of Sterling, Jr., J. Garland J. Garland Sterling, Jr.   12/07/2006
Photo of Fisher, Mary Alice Mary Alice Fisher   12/03/2006
Photo of Mathews, Bruce Gary Bruce Gary Mathews   12/01/2006
Photo of Hill, C. Franklin C. Franklin Hill   11/27/2006
Photo of Warren, Frank C. Frank C. Warren   11/27/2006
Photo of Sprouse, Virginia Murden Virginia Murden Sprouse   11/24/2006
Photo of Parker Atkinson, Frances Helen Frances Helen Parker Atkinson   11/20/2006
Photo of Powell, Velia de Leon Velia de Leon Powell   11/20/2006
Photo of Kargulewicz, Barbara Barbara Kargulewicz   11/12/2006
Photo of Needham, Edward Stephen Edward Stephen Needham   11/12/2006
Photo of King, Jr., George L. George L. King, Jr.   11/04/2006
Photo of Bailey, Mary Elizabeth Murdock Mary Elizabeth Murdock Bailey   10/29/2006
Photo of Ward, Jack W. Jack W. Ward   10/28/2006
Photo of Moore, Mary H. Mary H. Moore   10/24/2006
Photo of Simons, Juanita E. Juanita E. Simons   10/19/2006
Photo of Taylor, Robert E. Robert E. Taylor   10/19/2006
Photo of Luettinger, Marian Travis Marian Travis Luettinger   10/17/2006
Photo of Brady, John Rudolph John Rudolph Brady   10/16/2006
Photo of Watson, Jr., Paul G. Paul G. Watson, Jr.   10/08/2006
Photo of Snook Jr., Lawrence Lawrence Snook Jr.   10/03/2006
Photo of Doughty, Larry Donald Larry Donald Doughty   09/30/2006
Charlotte M. Rand   09/27/2006
J. T. Savage   09/26/2006
Photo of Eder Sr., Robert Lee Robert Lee Eder Sr.   09/26/2006
Photo of Parks Sr., John Martin John Martin Parks Sr.   09/21/2006
Photo of Taylor, Willie West Willie West Taylor   09/20/2006
Photo of Miller, Donald A. Donald A. Miller   09/14/2006
Photo of Colonna, Eric Thane Eric Thane Colonna   09/13/2006
Photo of Sturgis, Edward Cecil Edward Cecil Sturgis   09/13/2006
Photo of Getz, Patricia M. Patricia M. Getz   09/12/2006
Edwin S. Jacob Jr.   09/08/2006
David Kenneth Colona   09/06/2006
Photo of Hewitt, Muriel Wyatt Muriel Wyatt Hewitt   09/01/2006
Photo of Bennett Jr., Vyvienne Vyvienne "Mac" Bennett Jr.   08/31/2006
Photo of Parker, Alice Maud Mapp Alice Maud Mapp Parker   08/25/2006
Charles F. Handschur   08/24/2006
Photo of West, Jr., E. Burton E. Burton West, Jr.   08/19/2006
Photo of Tolentino, Jermias Emigdio Jermias Emigdio Tolentino   08/18/2006
Photo of Warren, Jan Adda Jan Adda Warren   08/17/2006
Photo of Stephens, Terry Ray Terry Ray Stephens   08/09/2006
Photo of Caperino, Virginia Lewis Virginia Lewis Caperino   08/08/2006
Photo of Eddy, David Blaine David Blaine Eddy   08/08/2006
Photo of Szatny, Gail Gail Szatny   08/05/2006
Photo of Booy, Christopher Dale Christopher Dale Booy   08/04/2006
Photo of Mapp, Sidney A. Sidney A. Mapp   08/02/2006
Photo of Ellerbe, Jerry D. Jerry D. Ellerbe   08/01/2006
Photo of Wood, Vincent Francis Vincent Francis Wood   07/29/2006
Ann Mabel Rouelle   07/27/2006
Photo of Hopkins, Carolyn M. Carolyn M. Hopkins   07/27/2006
Photo of Drummond, F. Elliott F. Elliott Drummond   07/26/2006
Photo of Cameron, Patricia Dodson Patricia Dodson Cameron   07/26/2006
Photo of Morthland, Terry E. Terry E. Morthland   07/25/2006
Photo of Emory, Louanne Louanne Emory   07/24/2006
Rudolph Lee Carpenter, Jr.   07/23/2006
Photo of Edmonson, Rev. Billy J. Rev. Billy J. Edmonson   07/22/2006
Photo of Doughty Jr., Mr. Kenneth Earl Mr. Kenneth Earl Doughty Jr.   07/21/2006
Photo of Coghill, Earline Allen Earline Allen Coghill   07/20/2006
Photo of Wilson, Marion Gilmore Marion Gilmore Wilson   07/17/2006
Robert A. "Buck" Hoeffner   07/15/2006
Mary M. Mears   07/15/2006
Photo of Clayton, Shirley Jester Shirley Jester Clayton   07/12/2006
Photo of Barns, Mary V. Mary V. Barns   07/07/2006
Photo of King, Inez Turner Inez Turner King   07/06/2006
Photo of Nottingham, Sue Robins Sue Robins Nottingham   07/06/2006
Photo of Freeman, Marion Scanlan Marion Scanlan Freeman   07/04/2006
Photo of Layne, Evelyn Budd Evelyn Budd Layne   07/03/2006
Photo of Davis, Audell D. Audell D. Davis   07/01/2006
Photo of Maroney, Jr., Thomas Jerome Thomas Jerome Maroney, Jr.   06/28/2006
Fred H. Alter   06/26/2006
Photo of Kellam, Gary B. Gary B. Kellam   06/24/2006
Photo of Edgerton, Dorothy Hart Dorothy Hart Edgerton   06/23/2006
Photo of Bowen, Dorothy Virginia Dorothy Virginia Bowen   06/17/2006
Photo of Cappel, Rosalie Prince Rosalie Prince Cappel   06/15/2006
Photo of Massey, Richard Andrew Richard Andrew Massey   06/11/2006
Photo of Avery, Robert H. Robert H. Avery   06/07/2006
Photo of Carpenter, Arnold B. Arnold B. Carpenter   06/06/2006
Photo of Evans, Capt. William G. Capt. William G. Evans   06/04/2006
Photo of Hofmaster, Dr. Richard N. Dr. Richard N. Hofmaster   06/04/2006
Photo of Carpenter, Margaret Jones Margaret Jones Carpenter   05/21/2006
Marguerite Miles Sturgis   05/20/2006
Photo of Sturgis, Margaret Mapp Margaret Mapp Sturgis   05/16/2006
Photo of Shreaves, Sr., Alwood Lee Alwood Lee Shreaves, Sr.   05/15/2006
Photo of Hall, Donald G. Donald G. Hall   05/15/2006
Laurence E. Hale   05/12/2006
Photo of Clark, Weary L. Weary L. Clark   05/12/2006
Photo of Root, Margaret N. Margaret N. Root   05/09/2006
Thomas P. Nottingham   04/29/2006
Photo of Simms, Thomas F. Thomas F. Simms   04/21/2006
Photo of Walker, Pearl P. Pearl P. Walker   04/21/2006
Barbara H. Cornelius   04/18/2006
Photo of Williams, Virginia Virginia Williams   04/16/2006
Photo of Rayfield, Louise Etz Louise Etz Rayfield   04/15/2006
Photo of Brown, Jefferson Jefferson Brown   04/10/2006
Photo of Perry McCready, Alice Mary Alice Mary Perry McCready   04/05/2006
Ruth M. Terry   04/01/2006
Photo of Rew, Mabel L. Mabel L. Rew   03/31/2006
Photo of Hrubes, Charles Thomas Charles Thomas Hrubes   03/28/2006
Dr. Ernest Mapp Dunton, Jr.   03/25/2006
Photo of Martin, Frederick Rudolph William Frederick Rudolph William Martin   03/22/2006
Photo of Swam, Dale S. Dale S. Swam   03/17/2006
Photo of Brunk, John Howard John Howard Brunk   03/16/2006
Photo of Barrow, Garland Wayne Garland Wayne Barrow   03/12/2006
Photo of Gray, Mary E. Mary E. Gray   03/11/2006
Halsie Hubbard   03/08/2006
Photo of Genslicki, Charles Robert Charles Robert Genslicki   03/06/2006
Photo of Setaro, Peter Joseph Peter Joseph Setaro   03/01/2006
Photo of Baker, Elizabeth Fowler Turner Elizabeth Fowler Turner Baker   03/01/2006
Photo of Charnock, K. Ray K. Ray Charnock   03/01/2006
Photo of Barnes, Duncan W. Duncan W. Barnes   02/28/2006
Photo of Christian, Helen Sheets Helen Sheets Christian   02/28/2006
Photo of Tatum, Burleigh M. Burleigh M. Tatum   02/25/2006
Photo of Smith, Scott T. Scott T. Smith   02/11/2006
Edward C. Belote   02/07/2006
Photo of Bradford, Sr., Charles E. Charles E. Bradford, Sr.   02/05/2006
Photo of Mitchell, Thomas W. Thomas W. Mitchell   02/04/2006
Photo of Costin, Pearl S. Pearl S. Costin   01/31/2006
Dorothy D. Kellam   01/29/2006
Photo of Birch, Jr., Marvin Marvin Birch, Jr.   01/26/2006
Photo of Blood, Robert A. Robert A. Blood   01/24/2006
Photo of Boole, Lola C. Lola C. Boole   01/22/2006
Photo of Scott, Margaret C. Margaret C. Scott   01/22/2006
Photo of Arvay, Rose Parks Rose Parks Arvay   01/18/2006
Photo of Russell, Carrie F. Carrie F. Russell   01/15/2006
Photo of White, John D. John D. White   01/15/2006
Photo of Glaxner, Eunice C. Eunice C. Glaxner   01/14/2006
Photo of Graf, John E. John E. Graf   01/14/2006
Photo of Allen, Elizabeth Collins Elizabeth Collins Allen   01/11/2006
Photo of Leighton, Grace M. Grace M. Leighton   01/08/2006
Photo of Craft, Anne Crumb Anne Crumb Craft   01/08/2006
Photo of Rippon, Eleanor Collins Eleanor Collins Rippon   01/06/2006
Photo of O'Neill, Elizabeth Hood Elizabeth Hood O'Neill   01/06/2006
Photo of Anagnost, Beatrice L. Beatrice L. Anagnost   12/30/2005
Photo of Wilkins, Georgie Mae Georgie Mae Wilkins   12/26/2005
Harry C. Wooldridge   12/20/2005
Photo of Elliott, Bootsie L. Bootsie L. Elliott   12/20/2005
Photo of Taylor, Jr., LaVerne B. LaVerne B. Taylor, Jr.   12/18/2005
Photo of Lewis, Barbara Barbara Lewis   12/14/2005
Photo of Ferguson, Viva Viva Ferguson   12/13/2005
Photo of Curling, Sr., Earl Presley Earl Presley Curling, Sr.   12/11/2005
Photo of White, Lucy Restein Lucy Restein White   12/10/2005
Photo of Ennis, Nellie Powell Nellie Powell Ennis   12/06/2005
Photo of Foster, Maxine H. Maxine H. Foster   12/02/2005
Photo of Mapp, John A. John A. Mapp   11/30/2005
Marie LaSauce   11/28/2005
Mary M. Petruney   11/28/2005
Photo of Wallace, Nancy Hall Nancy Hall Wallace   11/24/2005
James Harvey Raynor III   11/24/2005
Judith Foxwell Hale   11/24/2005
Photo of Sturgis, Sr., Calvin L. Calvin L. Sturgis, Sr.   11/20/2005
Photo of McAllen, Myrtle F. Myrtle F. McAllen   11/19/2005
Photo of Coutts, Jr., George T. George T. Coutts, Jr.   11/18/2005
Photo of Hope, Sr., Frank H. Frank H. Hope, Sr.   11/16/2005
Photo of Granz, Jr., Carl W. Carl W. Granz, Jr.   11/16/2005
Photo of Bowen, Patricia Padgett Patricia Padgett Bowen   11/13/2005
William Kenneth Wilson, Sr.   11/05/2005
Photo of Vick, Marion Chenault Marion Chenault Vick   11/05/2005
George Milton Peppler, Sr.   10/31/2005
Photo of Bowen, Ervin H. Ervin H. Bowen   10/28/2005
Photo of Kerwin, John Michael John Michael Kerwin   10/27/2005
Photo of Brady, Robert E. Robert E. Brady   10/15/2005
Photo of Lewis, Sr., Thomas Ray Thomas Ray Lewis, Sr.   10/09/2005
Photo of Small, Geraldine East Geraldine East Small   10/09/2005
Photo of Huffman, William E. William E. Huffman   10/06/2005
Photo of Avery, Geraldine Geraldine Avery   10/01/2005
Photo of Smullin, Shirley Lou Shirley Lou Smullin   09/18/2005
Photo of Atkinson, John William John William Atkinson   09/16/2005
Photo of Richards, Carol Ann Carol Ann Richards   09/16/2005
Photo of Scott, Sr., Howard Hudson Howard Hudson Scott, Sr.   09/15/2005
Photo of Parks, Verna Mae Verna Mae Parks   08/30/2005
Photo of Bull, Margaret Mason Margaret Mason Bull   08/28/2005
Photo of Wilcox, Jr., Bernard Clifton Bernard Clifton Wilcox, Jr.   08/27/2005
Photo of Guy, Georgia Mae Georgia Mae Guy   08/23/2005
Photo of Smith, Julia S. Julia S. Smith   08/22/2005
Photo of Pierce, Christopher Michael Christopher Michael Pierce   08/22/2005
Photo of Ginzel, Bertie Bradford Bertie Bradford Ginzel   08/22/2005
Photo of Walker, Audrey Guy Audrey Guy Walker   08/18/2005
Photo of Winslow, Fanny Kellam Fanny Kellam Winslow   08/17/2005
Photo of Byrd, Jr., Rufus C. Rufus C. Byrd, Jr.   08/13/2005
Photo of Williams, Pauline Bradford Pauline Bradford Williams   08/10/2005
Photo of Hughes, Margie Parker Margie Parker Hughes   08/10/2005
Photo of Duer, Dorothy Sowers Dorothy Sowers Duer   08/04/2005
Photo of Keller, Joan Bennett Joan Bennett Keller   08/04/2005
Photo of Barrow, Amy Shelton Amy Shelton Barrow   08/03/2005
Photo of Fair, Joseph Earl Joseph Earl Fair   08/02/2005
Photo of Jones, William E. William E. Jones   07/30/2005
Photo of Duer, Mae Powell Mae Powell Duer   07/28/2005
Doris I. Harger   07/26/2005
Photo of Byrd, Elizabeth Turner Elizabeth Turner Byrd   07/19/2005
Miriam Jones Morris   07/15/2005
Photo of Thibodeaux, Cliff Cliff Thibodeaux   07/02/2005
Photo of Phillips, Hazel D. Hazel D. Phillips   07/02/2005
Photo of Spohn, Andrew (Andy) G. Andrew (Andy) G. Spohn   07/01/2005
Photo of Nottingham, Sarah Sarah Nottingham   06/30/2005
Photo of Carpenter, Samuel J. Samuel J. Carpenter   06/30/2005
Photo of Wilson, Robert Robert Wilson   06/29/2005
Photo of Lambertson, Doris S. Doris S. Lambertson   06/24/2005
Photo of Kelley, Margaret S. Margaret S. Kelley   06/22/2005
Photo of Ennis, Carl C. Carl C. Ennis   06/19/2005
Photo of Merritt, Roger Roger Merritt   06/18/2005
Photo of Stroud, Thelma Bradford Thelma Bradford Stroud   06/17/2005
Photo of Tatum, Jewell Boole Jewell Boole Tatum   06/15/2005
Photo of Asal, Brenda Rae Brenda Rae Asal   06/14/2005
Photo of Gregory, Roberta S. Roberta S. Gregory   06/02/2005
Photo of Richardson, Elizabeth R. Elizabeth R. Richardson   06/01/2005
Photo of Levesque, John B. John B. Levesque   05/30/2005
Photo of Reagan, Brion K. Brion K. Reagan   05/29/2005
Photo of Robbins, Lynwood M. Lynwood M. Robbins   05/28/2005
Photo of Bundick, Catherine Catherine Bundick   05/24/2005
Photo of Ward, William L. William L. Ward   05/22/2005
Photo of Williams, Helen Helen Williams   05/20/2005
Grace D. Shockley   05/20/2005
Photo of McGinnis, Joseph Joseph McGinnis   05/11/2005
Photo of Payne, Bessie Bessie Payne   05/10/2005
Photo of Hippensteel, Sr., John John Hippensteel, Sr.   05/10/2005
Photo of Parks, Carrie Carrie Parks   05/08/2005
Photo of Bell, Frank Wise Frank Wise Bell   05/07/2005
Photo of Dix, Ellen Scott Ellen Scott Dix   05/07/2005
Photo of Reynolds, Sally Sally Reynolds   05/02/2005
Photo of Barcroft, Ethel Ethel Barcroft   05/01/2005
Photo of Hamilton, Jr., William William Hamilton, Jr.   04/30/2005
Photo of Hinman, Ralph Ralph Hinman   04/24/2005
Photo of Mears, Isaac Isaac Mears   04/20/2005
Photo of Costin, Edith Pearl Edith Pearl Costin   04/18/2005
Photo of Taylor, James Henry James Henry Taylor   04/15/2005
Photo of Tighe, Anne Anne Tighe   04/15/2005
Photo of DeLorenzo, John John DeLorenzo   04/14/2005
Photo of Allums, Gene Gene Allums   04/07/2005
Alma Shreck   04/06/2005
Photo of Shrieves, Ruth Ruth Shrieves   03/31/2005
Photo of Dinunzi, Joseph Joseph Dinunzi   03/31/2005
Judith Haddock   03/30/2005
Photo of Smith, Louise Louise Smith   03/26/2005
Photo of Lewis, Carson Carson Lewis   03/22/2005
Photo of Drummond, Linda Linda Drummond   03/19/2005
William Kilborn   03/19/2005
Photo of Pase, Mary Julia Mary Julia Pase